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Funny thing in Germany (and propably all other German speaking countries to): They've renamed the movies and put some non-sensical subtitles (<sarcasm>with the best of German humor</sarcasm>) under it:
  1. Frozen = Rapunzel: Neu verföhnt (Rapunzel: Newly blow-dried … it's a pun on "making a remake" = "neu verfilmt")
  2. Brave = Merida: Legende der Highlands (Merida: Legend of the Highlands … nothing "funny" here just "hu why is the title completely different")
  3. Frozen = Die Schneekönigin: Völlig unverfroren (The Snow Queen: Completely Impertinent … again a pun since you could (but usually would not) translate it with "Completely Unfrozen")

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